Conversatuin exchangeで知り合った外国人と会って来た話3

Hey Masa - this is Lisa from conversation exchange. So to respond to your message from there:

The office work and talking to coworkers has definitely been very helpful for improving my Japanese. And to be honest, it is easy to forget I am speaking to a non-native English speaker - your English is so good!

Definitely visit the Grand Canyon! It's incredible. Hard to describe. And thank you for the translation, sounds about right.

I also like Jazz and Hip-Hop though I don't know many artists, so I will try listening to those you listed. Lately I like listening to hip-hop artists like Kendrick Lamar or electronic like Porter Robinson. Please give me some jazz recommendations too! Of those movies, I've seen "Goodwill Hunting" and "ocean's eleven"! I absolutely love those movies! Especially "Goodwill." I like movies and music too, for movies I like most except for romance or horror. And for music, most except for country. Some movies I like are Silence of the Lambs, Dark Knight, and Pan's Labyrinth. Have you seen them? Also, most of my students saw "Your Name" so I saw that recently and enjoyed it.

Your experience making movies sounds incredible. The business seems really difficult, especially if you are independent and want to make unique movies.

Himeji, based on my time here, is a very nice city. Your job as a teacher in Japan seems really tough, with all the hours you have to work.

I am a recent college graduate (back in May), and I studied Political Science, Linguistics, and Japanese. I also speak Spanish because my family is half Colombian. I taught a little before, so I enjoy teaching here too. In the future I don't yet know what I want to do long-term.

Sorry for the long message!


ジャズのオススメはいろいろあるけど、俺はわりとインストルメンタルが好きで、ここ数年よく聞いてるDJ Cam Quartet



そうだね、まあ先生の仕事は何かを売らなくてはいけない仕事ではないから気は楽だね(笑) 楽しむコツさえつかめば、働いてるって意識せずに仕事ができるよ。まあ、どんな仕事でも楽しコツがあるんだろうねきっと(^^)

そうなんだ~実は大学時代にスペイン語も少し勉強したことがあって、とてもおもしろい言語だと感じたんだ。発音も日本語に近いから馴染みやすいし。スペイン語もついでに教えてもらおうかな(笑) ¿Puede darme clase de español?

外国語を話す時に、自信がない感じは普通でしょう?日本語で話すと、私も自信がない。(^ ^)

ギャング文化って、"gang culture" ? 友達によると、ケンドリック・ラマーは最高だ (笑)。スヌープ・ドッグあまり知らないけど、その通りかもね。
マサのジャズのオススメは本当に楽しんだ!特にDJ Cam. "It makes me feel relaxed" って日本語で?ぜひオススメからもっと聞こう。


Claro que sí. Que interesante que usted estudió español también. ¿Has escuchado música latina? (もちろん!マサさんもスペイン語を勉強したことは面白いね。スペイン語の音楽を聞いたことがある?)スペイン語と日本語の発音はにっていると言う理由で最初に中国語に比べ日本語もっと易しかったと思う ^^。スペイン語を勉強したら、マサのスペイン語の発音は完全くらいかも(笑)。

そうか、マサも仕事に関して同じ考えがあるね。先生以外に仕事の思想(I am not sure if this is the right word for "idea") ありますか?そうと思う。。。国際交流のためにこの仕事を楽しんでいるが、長期にできない^^。でもね、生徒たちは本当に面白い。先生として生徒が一人さえもっと英語の勉強を続けるとはげませるなら、やる価値がある。 (ง •̀_•́)ง

Also, I sent that message early on accident - I apologize for all the mistakes ^_^;

Well, you are telling me. But your Japanese also does makes sense.
Yes, I think it’s “gang culture”. Japanese is a kind of curious mixture of kanji and katakana( English ), you know. So it might be difficult. How would you say “最高だ”in English? I know“Couldn’t be better.”

I tried other songs of Porter Robinson, which is very good. I am glad you enjoyed DJ Cam. You can say “ 和(なご)ませてくれる曲だ。”for “It makes me feel relaxed ” “和む(なごむ) ”is a traditional but cool word, so you should use it!

I've not watched "僕だけがいない街" but I found that anime on Netflix, so I'll try it! One of animes I highly recommend you is "秒速5センチメートル". The images of this movie are incredibly beautiful. And the story is also good. The director who shot this movie is the same as "Your name". And do you know "studio Ghibli"? Ghibli's works are also astonishing, like "もののけ姫", "千と千尋の神隠し" and "となりのトトロ".

Thank you! I'll be trilingual! lol
I've never heard of Spanish songs. Tell me some!

"思想" is a bit too formal word, so it might be better to use 考え or 選択肢(choices). (^^)/
Yeah, absolutely. It's worthwhile doing, while I'm thinking about my career, working as a teacher. But I don't know exactly what I want to do. So we should talk and think about our ideas about job together!

Yeah, that was my dog! Actually she passed away last year. She was so cute and smart that she can understand so many words. We all still love her so we can't have other dog. Do you have any animal in your home?

Sorry for late response: I was sick this weekend, but I'm feeling better now. :)

At least it makes sense, haha. Gangster rap I think is the subgenre I learned in class. I thought “最高だ” was something like "the absolute best."

Cool word? Like, a word used by most people now? Sounds neat though XD

I really enjoyed 5 Centimeters Per Second - the first story is the best, and the last one just made me sad. (blue face) I haven't seen "Garden of Words" by Shinkai, have you? But I love Ghibli! My favorites are probably "Princess Mononoke" and "Spirited Away." What's yours? Also, have you seen much American animation?

Haha! Absolutamente. Shakira is still one of the most popular Latin artists, and she did a song that won "Song of the Year" at the Latin Grammys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UV0QGLmYys
Another popular one is by Enrique Iglesias: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUsoVlDFqZg

Oh, that's really interesting! I wouldn't have known that. I'll try to remember to use 考え in those situations instead. c:
Well, it sounds like you're an incredibly creative person. Have you thought about going back into film? Or another art form? Since you speak English very well, I imagine you have many options too. ^_^

Sorry to hear that (blue face)My first dog passed away a few years ago and I felt the same as you - smart and unique. Some pets are so special they can never be replaced. She looks like a beautiful dog. Back home in the USA, I had 4 cockatiels and another dog - a black labrador. Dogs are definitely the best animal.

“the subgenre I learned in class.”ってどういうこと?よく意味がとれなかった*1
ありがとう!“最高だ”って使う場面ってよくあるからね、これから"the absolute best."を使っていくよ(^^)

英語では“Cool word”っていうと、たくさんの人が使ってるっていうイメージなの?PPAPみたいな(笑)
そうだね、たしかに“和む”はSounds neatのほうが近いかも!

秒速5センチメートル、見てくれたんだね(^o^)“言の葉の庭”はもちろん見たよ。新海ファンなら見るべきだね!音楽もいいよ! 俺も小さいころからジブリの大ファンだよ。“日本の子供はジブリで育つ”っていう格言があるぐらいだよ(笑) さしづめ、宮崎駿は僕らの父親ってところだね。一番好きなのは「紅の豚」で、「魔女の宅急便」「耳をすませば」かな。「もののけ姫」は小さいころにみて怖かったイメージが抜けなくて、あんまり好きじゃないんだ。日本のアニメを代表する作品なのにね(笑)
アメリカのアニメはね、やっぱりディズニーがabsolute bestだね。小さい頃特に好きだったのはチップとデール。ほとんどの作品は見たよ!他に有名なアニメはある?




“Subgenre”って。。。例えば、音楽には主な“genre”あるね?Jazz, rock, hip-hop, classical, etc. ギャングスタラップはラップの“Subgenre”です。“subgenre I learned in class”って、大学クラスで習ったこと(=subgenre)です。合っている?


それなら、時間があれば、“言の葉の庭”を見てみよう ^_^ . その格言はいいね。。。ジブリは日本のディズニーだそうだよね?まだ全てのジブリの作品見たことがないけど、ぜひ見ようとする!でも、マサの話について本当に面白い(笑) 私にとって、ディズニーの”Alice in Wonderland”見た時に、マサのように怖くなったのだ。
アメリカのアニメは色々な作品があって、マサはディズニーと日本のアニメが好きなら、ディズニーの以外に”Avatar the Last Airbender” と “Steven Universe” “Gravity Falls”をオススメするよ!日本のアニメはその作品に大きな影響を与えたから、マサは楽しむかもね。それに、ゲーム好き?今日生徒は私に“Final Fantasy XV”について話したがったけど、まだ買わなかった. 買おうかと考えている(笑)




Sorry for late response.
Yeah, everyone catches a cold all the time, which is weird. Right, in a school, it must be easy to catch a cold haha.

OK, I am surprised that gangsta rap is subgenre. I thought it has been a main stream of rap music. Hasn't it? You mean you studied music and learned rap in your university?

I know, PPAP is kinda easy phrase to remember and something really silly which attracts teenagers, isn't it?
But now I am also sick of PPAP. lol

All of Ghibli works are worthwhile watching even if you are an adult. You should watch them. And tell me your impressions later (・∀・)
Oh, you were also scared with Disney. lol How were you scared when you had watched Alice in Wonderland? Which scene?

Thank you for your recommend. I'm sure I'm watching those 3. I'm interested in something affect on Japanese animes. Oh, you are thinking about if you buy Final Fantasy XV, aren't you? I also like games and have Praystation4. I have played one or two of Final Fantasy series so far. You are big fan of that series?

Yes, I meant it. Sorry for not easy sentence to understand. So you usually listen to Spanish music the most. It is interesting that you listen to Japanese music as much as American music.

I've not watch recent ones(:_;) I want to go a cinema and enjoy a movie with a big screen.

Yes, I've been to the U.S.(Hawaii) and Australia. There are so many places that I want to go, like France, German, Spain and so on. Especially Europe. How about you?

Interesting! I just feel it's rarer in Arizona - maybe because it's not very cold XD

I wouldn't think of gangster rap as mainstream 🤔 That's just my opinion though. I only took a class on American music, I didn't really study it haha.

Yeah, it makes sense that PPAP would become popular - catchy and easy to say. Lol

I will! I have so many movies I still need to see! ^_^; I think I thought the cat was creepy and the cards were frightening lol.

Really?? You have a PS4? What games do you usually play? I'm not a big fan of the series but my friend really likes it and the reviews are positive so I think I'll buy it. I'm more curious about The Last Guardian. Do you know that game?

No problem! It's good practice Japanese music is also nice listening practice so I can learn new words. And I like some bands very much.

Will you maybe see Star Wars Rogue One?

Wow! I've never been to Hawaii or Australia! That sounds fantastic! *_* I want to go there too, and definitely Europe! I hope to maybe go to Europe next year. I've been to Colombia, Mexico, and South Korea. I like to travel ️

Any plans for winter break?


そうかあ。ずっとメインストリームだと思ってたよ(笑) ヒップホップに対して少し偏見があったかもね。
たしかにwww 不思議の国のアリスのカードたちは怖かったね。俺もあれは身の毛がよだつ思いをしたよ。でもアニメってね、なんてゆうか、子供にしか分からない怖さがあるところが魅力だとも思うんだよ。逆説的だけどね。

人食いの大鷲トリコ? あのゲーム、一体どんなゲームなの?笑
CMを見る限り、かなり不思議なゲームだと思ったんだけど 笑

へえ~どんな日本のバンドが好きなの? 日本のバンドもなかなかいいでしょ!笑

う~ん、今のところ見る予定はないかな~。実はスターウォーズは見ていないんだ( ;∀;)見た方がいいかな?


もしよければ、一度直接会ってLanguage Exchangeしてみない?


Hmmm、間違ったかもねけど、私もずっとメインストリームではなかったと思ってた んだ(笑)

実は、時間がなくても、新しいとファイナルファンタジーのゲームを買った (笑)
人食いの大鷲トリコって。。。ちょっと説明は難しいけど、パズルとプラットホーム (platforming? Like Mario?)みたいゲームだと思う(笑)

最近Charisma.comや EVISBEATSやサカナクションや水曜日のカンパネラをよく聞いているね。 たぶん、今Charisma.comが一番好きなバンドかもね。

見た方がいいよ!!!^_^しかし、私はスターウォーズのファンだから、偏った考えかもね(笑) (< “I’m probably biased”, is that Japanese phrase okay?)

この冬休み特に予定がない。2月に札幌に行くつもりだという理由で今節約だ(笑) たぶん、友達と一緒にUSJに行くかな〜。USJ大好きからね。

はい、もちろん!^_^いつかどこがいい? (So, this is a casual phrase I use a lot in English – “When and where is good?” Does ^ that work in Japanese or no? ^_^;)